Hillary Clinton is No Feminist Heroine

January 9, 2008

It is as though feminists have collectively forgotten how much blood Hillary has on her hands.

Hillary Clinton cast the single most influential vote in support of the Iraq War. Once this champion of progressive democrats supported the war, it shifted the norm and made it “OK” for other democrats to follow in her footsteps. After almost five years of bloodshed, torture abuses, uncovered Bush Administration lies, and disintegration into civil war, Hillary has never once apologized for her role in sending in the bombers. She  says she was duped by Bush Administration lies, but isn’t it her job as a politician to cut through the crap and demand hard facts when making such a weighty decision? At the time you did not have to be genius to recognize that major pieces of the Bush Administration’s argument for war did not fit together.

Hillary seems to be just as much of a war hawk when it comes to Iran. Her decision to support the labeling of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps as a terrorist organization was a clear nod to those in office who salivate at the thought of bombing this country as well.

And when Israel rained down cluster bombs on Lebanon in July, with weapons provided by the U.S., Hillary was standing there on Capital Hill gleefully delivering a war speech in support of the invasion. Meanwhile, the rest of the world spoke out against Israel’s excessive aggression.

Hillary has unflinchingly supported wars and acts of aggression that kill women and children and destroy their homelands. The Iraq war, the July invasion of Lebanon, the threat of Iranian war contribute to the hyper-militarization of these societies and strain their social fabric, with conservatizing and wholly reactionary effects. Women in these countries bear the greatest burdens – holding together their families in times of conflict, dealing with upswings in religious and tribal violence, and in the case of Iraqis in Syria, sometimes being forced into sex work to keep themselves and their children from starving.

And then of course, there are the deleterious effects the war has on women’s interests domestically. The bloated defense budget has left no room for vital social programs that could benefit women and children. Women are forced to deal with the hyper-masculinization of a society that has become addicted to war as the sole means of solving disputes. And of course there are the countless U.S. youngsters who have died fighting in Iraq, the mothers, sisters, grandmothers, and aunts who have grieved them, and the young women who have been left to raise their children alone.


Last time I checked, these were not feminist ideals.


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